Nauryz will be celebrated in a new way in Kazakhstan: 10-day schedule

Starting this year, the holiday of spring and renewal in Kazakhstan will be celebrated in a new format. The ten-day Nauryznam will be held annually from March 14 to 23.

March 14 - "Korisu kuni". This tradition has been preserved in the western regions of the country. It is proposed to celebrate the holiday in all regions.
March 15 is Mercy Day. This day is dedicated to charity, mercy and good neighborliness throughout the country. Carrying out such actions and events, as the ministry expects, will help instill in society a culture of charity and create the values ​​of compassion and mutual assistance.
March 16 - Day of Culture and National Traditions. This day is dedicated to the promotion of culture, art and national values; various events are planned throughout the republic.
Date March 17 - Shanyrak Day. It is planned that on this day cultural events will be held aimed at popularizing our family values, dedicated to exemplary families, and issues of moral education.
March 18 is National Dress Day. During the ten days of Nauryznam, various events will be held aimed at popularizing our national clothing in all regions of the country.
March 19 - Renewal Day. On this day it was proposed to continue the tradition of spring tree planting.
March 20 - National Sports Day. On this day, various competitions and tournaments in national sports will be held in all regions.
March 21 - Solidarity Day. The idea behind this day is for people as a whole to increase respect for each other and promote peace and unity.
March 22 - New Year. On this day, stylized ethno-auls are established in all regions of the country, national cultural and sports events, and various fairs are held.
March 23 - Day of Purification. The final day of Nauryznam, as a symbol of welcoming the new year with a new goal and new hope, will become the Day of Purification. On this day, a nationwide environmental campaign will be held in all regions of Kazakhstan.
In addition, the Nauryz-Bazarlyk season will be announced from March 14 to 23. These days it is planned to consider the possibility of mass sales at retail outlets. Mass sales are planned at retail outlets.