A special economic zone is a part of the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan with precisely defined borders, on which a special legal regime of a special economic zone for the implementation of priority activities operates.

 A special economic zone is being created with the aim of accelerating the development of modern high-performance, competitive industries, attracting investment, new technologies in economic sectors and regions, as well as increasing employment.

Advantage of FEZ

How to become a member of the FEZ?

Project implementation scheme investment contract

 The required package of documents.

Application (download the form) for carrying out activities as a participant of the FEZ

Questionnaire (download the form)

Certificate of state registration

A copy of the identity card of the first head

A copy of the charter

A copy of the decision of the supreme body on the implementation of activities on the territory of the FEZ

A copy of the financial statements as of the last reporting date (signed by the first head/his deputy and the chief accountant)

Feasibility study of the project (No. 501 Order)

Bank statement on the movement of money on bank accounts and credit report from the credit bureau

Certificate of the presence or absence of arrears on taxes and other mandatory payments

Credit report from the credit bureau

At the time of signing the contract on the implementation of activities, he is obliged to confirm the availability of financial security in the amount corresponding to the feasibility study of the project. The financial support of the participant of the special economic zone is formed in the following ways:
  1. money;
  2. bank guarantee;
  3. by surety;
  4. pledge of property;
  5. insurance contract.
The participant of the special economic zone has the right to choose any of the methods of financial support, including by combining several methods.

If the legal entity is not a resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the time of filing the documents and is not registered as a taxpayer of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a copy of the certificate of absence of state registration as a taxpayer in the state revenue authorities is submitted.

Foreign legal entities shall submit legalized documents specified in sub-paragraphs 2), 4) and 5) of part one of this paragraph, a legalized extract from the commercial register or other legalized document certifying that a foreign legal entity is a legal entity under the legislation of a foreign state, with a notarized translation into Kazakh and Russian.



Factory for the production of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers

Инициатор проекта:



  • Special vehicles of the Iveco brand

Paint and varnish production plant

Инициатор проекта:

LLP "VMP Astana Plant"


  • Paint and varnish products

Factory for the production of rubber and plastic products

Инициатор проекта:

United Consolidating Center LLP


  • Control and indicator seals
  • Self-adhesive labels
  • Ear Tags

Locomotive Assembly Plant

Инициатор проекта:

JSC "locomotive kurastyru zauyty"


  • Diesel locomotive

Factory for the production of military equipment

Инициатор проекта:

Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering LLP


  • Armored personnel carrier

Electric Locomotive Assembly Plant

Инициатор проекта:

LLP"Electric Locomotive kurastyru zauyty"


  • Electric locomotives

Factory for the production of precast reinforced concrete structures and products

Инициатор проекта:

ATM Construction & Investment LLP


  • Stained glass windows
  • Windows
  • Metal structures
  • Medical equipment
  • Medical and office furniture

Factory for the production of respirators

Инициатор проекта:

MFA International LLP


  • FFP2 Respirators
  • FFP3 Respirators

Plant for the production of bulk-block housing construction (OBD)

Инициатор проекта:

Modex Astana LLP


  • Reinforced concrete housing construction
contact details

LLP "City Center for Investment Development" ASTANA INVEST"

Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, Mambetov STR., 24, 6th floor (actual address)

+7 (7172) 64-72-09