Submission of an application by a business entity

 Business Entity Data:Name of the applicant;

  Loan terms:

Debt security:

  • Immovable / movable property;

  • Bank guarantee;

  • Insurance contract;

  • Guarantees/guarantees of third parties

List of NPS for the proposed loan:

Information about the first head:

  • Full name of the first manager:

  • Floor;

  • Age;

  • Work experience (months)of the first manager in this company;

  • Working hours (months) in this field of activity.

The list of NWPT for the loan provided:

List of documents for the application
  1. complete financial statements for the previous/current financial year and the current period (3 months / 6 months/ 9 months).

  2. information about the absence of tax arrears and mandatory payments to the budget, wage arrears and social contributions.

  3. information about available loans and credit history (certificate of the First Credit Bureau);

  4. power of attorney to the person(s) representing the interests for the right to sign the application, with the exception of the first head;

  5. a notarized copy of the document on the appointment (election) of the first head (for legal entities);

  6. certificate of state registration (re-registration);

  7. a notarized copy of the Charter of the business entity, the founding agreement (in the absence of full information about the participant/participants in the Charter, as well as the amount of its share in the authorized capital) for legal entities.

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