Joint–Stock Company "Social and Entrepreneurial Corporation "Astana" is a regional development institute, the main purpose of which is to promote industrial and innovative, socio-economic development of Astana city by consolidating public and private resources, carrying out investment activities.

Implementation of investment and innovation projects – support of business initiatives and stimulation of economic activity in the points of growth of the region.

In order to develop and implement investment activities, the Company considers and implements investment and innovative projects in which the Company participates by providing land plots to private business entities.Basic principles of project review:

Basic principles of project review:

The mechanism of implementation of investment and innovation projects and its stages.

  • The investor independently determines the location and purpose of the land plot using the gis-saulet and submits an application to the SEC
  • SEC considers the Investor's application and approves its implementation at the Board meeting

  • In case of compliance with the intended purpose of the land plot, the SEC sends an application to the Akimat for the provision of a land plot

  • The Department of Architecture is preparing a resolution on the provision of a land plot for the SEC, which is approved by the resolution of the Akimat of Astana

  • The investor provides documents to the SEC: a business plan, proof of solvency, etc.

  • SEC enters into a joint venture agreement with the Investor with the definition of the share (2.5% - housing, 9% - business)

  • The investor pays an amount commensurate with 10% of the cadastral value of the land plot to the state budget

  • The SEC transfers the land plot to the Investor for the design and construction of the facility

  • The investor undergoes procedures for the development of design and estimate documentation, passing expertise

  • The investor carries out the construction of the project

  • The investor puts the facility into operation

The share of participation of the SEC in the implementation of projects

Housing construction project - SEC receives 2.5% of square meters of the total area (residential, commercial premises), which are further distributed for social needs, including for socially vulnerable segments of the population.

Business project - SEC annually receives 9% of net profit, which is further used for operational activities, including for social and industrial tasks.

Required package of documents

Name of the document Investor / subsidiaries and affiliates / partner Social project
Notarized copies of constituent documents (Charter, constituent agreement( if any), certificate of State Registration / re-registration, statistical card)
Order on the appointment of the first head
Copy of the identity card of the first manager
Yes Yes
Originals of financial statements in Forms 1, 2, 3 (full recording of fixed assets with full recording of accounts payable, receivables, indicating the reason and date of occurrence) Yes Yes (if yur. person)
Originals of the reconciliation report from the tax committee / certificate from the Tax Committee on the absence of debt to the budget Yes Yes
Notarized copies of contracts, contracts for the supply of raw materials, equipment, etc., as well as for the sale of products Yes On demand
Original certificate from the service bank on the presence/ absence of credit arrears Yes Yes
Original certificate from the bank providing the service confirming the partner's ability to participate in the project with financial funds Yes On demand
Business plan in accordance with the instructions for drawing up a business plan for the project of JSC NC SEC Astana Yes Yes
Foreskiz Yes Yes



JCB/Hino/Valtra/KIA special equipment Assembly Plant


Construction of a multifunctional parking lot with catering facilities


Renault Dealership


Network of gas stations


Football field

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