Hiring a foreign work

In order to protect the domestic labour market the Government of Republic of Kazakhstan has set a quota for attraction of foreign labour for implementation of labour activities on the territory of Republic of Kazakhstan, and the foreign labour force is attracted by employers for conducting labour activities in Kazakhstan on the basis of permits, issued by local executive organ of corresponding administrativeterritorial unit.

The quota for attracting labour force is set as a percentage of the labour force and includes:

• Quota for attraction of foreign labour force by types of economic activity;
• Quota for attracting foreign labour force by countries of origin in the presence of international treaties ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan on cooperation in the field of labor migration and social protection of migrant workers;
• Quota for attraction of labour migrants.

The quota for attraction foreign labour force to carry out labour activities in the territory of Republic of Kazakhstan for 2019 as a percentage of the labour force:

• Attraction of labour immigrants is set at 4,2%;
• By 18 types of economic activities which are specified in the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 26 December 2018 No. 890.

The rule of the Law on quotas of foreign labour force and issuance of permits to employers to attract foreign labour force do not apply to foreigners and stateless persons working in certain organizations, including those working in organizations of Kazakhstan that have concluded investment contracts for the implementation of an investment priority project, as well as working in organizations engaged by these legal entities (or their contractors) as a General contractor, contractor, subcontractor or contractor of services in the field of architectural, urban planning and construction activities (including survey and design activities, engineering services), for a period up to one year after the commissioning of the object of investment activity as managers and specialists with higher education, also as skilled workers according to the list of professions and numbers defined in investment contracts for the implementation of the investment priority project.

In accordance with the Labour Code of the RK dated November 23, 2015 No. 414-V LRK and the Law of the RK «On population employment» dated April 6, 2016 No. 482-V