Astana city is the capital of the only country in the region with access to a judicial system based on the rules and principles of ENGLISH COMMON LAW.

A unique center created to provide financial services of international level 

Special legal regime based on the principles of English law

One-stop-shop system for issuing visas, registration and other IFCA-related procedures
Independent regulation in accordance with recognized international standards Simplified visa regime with extension up to 5 years
Special tax regime, exempting fr om corporate and individual income taxes for a period up to 206
Simplified labor regime exempting from the obligation to obtain a work permit
Special currency regulation, under which monetary obligations can be performed in foreign currency English as the main language: development and adoption of acts, documentation, legal proceedings, etc.

To date, direct flights from Astana city are carried out in 11 international financial centers (London, Paris, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Beijing, Seoul, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Moscow, Tokyo). In 2023, it is planned to open direct flights to New York city.
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