1. What is the benefit of a PPP for an investor?

Answer: The benefit of a PPP for an investor is the reliability of a partner represented by the state. Compliance with the principle of balance is guaranteed by law, which indicates the distribution of risks between partners. In addition, stable payments are provided by the state according to the schedule for the entire duration of the contract, state support is provided.

2. What are the terms of the PPP contract?

Answer: The terms of the PPP contract are from 5 to 30 years.

3. How is the investor protected?

Answer: All PPP Contracts are subject to mandatory registration with the treasury authorities, in addition, a mandatory clause on the obligations of the state is provided, so all obligations on the part of the state will be fulfilled.

4. What amount of own funds should an investor invest?

Answer: At least 20% of own funds.

5. When can an investor expect to be compensated for investments?

Answer: Payment of compensation for investment costs is made after the PPP facility is put into operation for five years in equal shares, subject to these conditions in the PPP contract.