For the first half of 2023, about 6 million tons of cargo were transported by the city's transport, which is 2.9% more than the corresponding period in 2022 (5.8 million tons) - road transport. 17.7 million tons of cargo and luggage were transported by rail. 2.6 million passengers were transported.

ASTANA- LARGEST TRANSPORT HUB, through which the main railway and highways pass.

The city will become a northern hub linking all the macro-regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan through the implementation of interregional road network projects: "Center - East", "Center - South", "Center - West".

In 1000 km. zone of the city are:

6 major regions
Russian Federation: Omsk 1,832,064 peopleNovosibirsk 2,794,266 peopleKypranskaya 761,586 people,  ; Chelyabinsk region 3,407,145 peopleTyumen region 3,851,234 peopleSverdlovsk region 4,239,161 people
(16.8 million people), which can be reached by road within one day;

5 regions
Republic of Kazakhstan: Karaganda 1136.2 thousand hKostanay 831.9 thousand h,  Pavlodar 755543 hAkmola region 788.7 thousand hours and North Kazakhstan region 533.1 thousand hours
(4 million people), as well as domestic market of the capital (1.3 million people).

According to JSC "Astana International Airport"

  • Area - 70,892 m²
  • For 7 months of 2023, passenger traffic amounted to 4 million 043 people (in 2022 it was 6 million)
  • An average of 83 takeoffs and landings per day
  • Length 3500 meters, width 45 meters

According to JSC “NC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy”

  • Within the boundaries of the city, the length of railway lines is 258.4 km., including main tracks - 96.6 km. and station tracks - 161.8 km.
  • There are 2 railway stations in Astana:
    • Astana railway station
    • Nurly Zhol Railway Station
  • The average daily passenger flow of railway stations in the first half of 2023 amounted to 14,652 people

According to JSC “NC “KazAvtoZhol”

According to the website of Saparzhay-Astana LLP

 2 international road corridors pass through Astana:

  • M36 RF border  (Yekaterinburg - Chelyabinsk) – Kostanay – Astana – Karaganda – Almaty – Chinese border;
    • The M-36 road with a length of 2042 km. is part of the European route E125 (Russia-Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan), E016, E123 (Russia-Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan-Tajikistan) and the Asian route AH60, AH7 (Russia-Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan-Tajikistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan).
  • А1 Border of the Russian Federation – Petropavlovsk–Astana;
    • The highway of Kazakhstan, 452 km long. It is part of the European route E125.

According to JSC “NC “KazAvtoZhol”
According to the website of Saparzhay-Astana LLP