Wood processing and cellulose and paper industries are priority areas of Kazakhstan's economy.

Over the last five years, the production of paper and furniture products has amounted to 135.6 and 82.5 billion tenge respectively.

Kazakhstan's enterprises in the woodworking and pulp and paper industries, in addition to the domestic market, are also oriented to the sale of products abroad. Thus, exports of wood, timber and pulp and paper products from Kazakhstan in 2023 amounted to $194.5 million. US DOLLARS. The main export destinations are Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia.

Investments in fixed capital of woodworking and pulp and paper industry last year amounted to 17.9 billion tenge.

In order to attract investment in this industry at the republican and local executive level, support is provided in the form of investment preferences, favorable credit conditions, and tax breaks within the framework of special economic zones.